Oran, April 26-29th, 2010




Oran (in arabic : وهران Wahran ), nicknamed El Bahia « the radiant one», is a port city located in north-west Algeria at the center of a wide-open bay. It is the capital of the « wilaya » (i.e. province) bearing the same name.

Open to the North, Oran’s bay is directly overlooked on its west side by the Adour (or Murdjadjo) mountain reaching 375 meters, as well as by the Moulay Abdelkader al-Jiani (or Moul el Meida) mesa. The urban agglomeration is spread on both sides of the Oued Rhi creek which is now covered.

Located 432 km from the capital Algiers, Oran is Algeria’s second largest town with currently 897 700 inhabitants, with a total urban agglomeration of approximately 1 700 000. La city is an industrial center (industrial zones of Arzew, Bethioua, etc.) and prouds itself for its many institutions of higher learning (Oran University Es-Senia, Sicences and Technology University, Faculty of Medecine...etc.).


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