Oran, April 26-29th, 2010

Welcome letter

The Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Oran, Sénia is pleased to announce the organization of the second Biotech World Conference, in partnership with the Algerian Competences Association (ACA) and the collaboration of the National Administration for Scientific Research (DG-RSDT).


Several Algerian universities will participate to organize this conference such as the Universities of Constantine and Tlemcen and soon other universities.


The conference will be held on April 26-29th, 2010 in Oran, Algeria with the main focus “Biotechnology Start-ups”, which is a logical follow up of the first conference which was held in 2007 on the theme “What biotechnologies for the Southern countries ?”.


Four main subjects will be the focus in the Biotech World 2010 conference:

#   Biotechnologies and Health (Bioactive substances, Medical biotherapy, Innovating therapies, Gene Patenting, Bio-medicines and others)

#   Biotechnologies and Environment (Bioremediation, Elimination of pathogenic, Microorganisms and Renewable energies, Microorganisms and Water treatment and Wastes processing)

#   Biotechnology and Food (Food and Food industries, Genetic improvement and GMO, Microorganisms, Biodiversity, Biological Fight, Biopesticides, Livestock production, Vegetable Production…)

#   Biotechnology and Society (Effect on education, Research, Economy, Strategies and Start-ups, Ethical aspects and Regulation, GMO food and Food safety, Biohazards and Expertise, Moratorium and Democracy, Reality, Challenges and Regional and Continental cooperation opportunities,…)


We look forward to your participation in this important scientific event.



The Conference Committee

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